Hello Blog World!!

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  God put the desire in my heart at a very early age.  I won my first poetry contest in fifth grade.  A simple poem I wrote in 1976, the theme: The Bicentennial.

One of our famous presidents was Lincoln,

He did us lots of good thinkin’

All though he was tall,

He was loved by all and

He kept the southern states from leavin’!

Wow, and I won first place.  Amazing, huh?  My prize, a book about boys track.  Yes, the ultimate punishment, they thought Dana was a boy.  Ugh.  Not the first time someone thought I was a boy, but I graciously accepted my book, taped my poem in it and have cherished it since.  Occasionally I pull it from the shelf, look at it and believe my dream can come true.

I hope this blog will be fun for you! I will post writing clips from my work, funny things that have happened and inspiring things God is showing me in my life. Enjoy!


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