God’s Handiwork

I’ve been reading Daniel and thinking about how horrible it must’ve been that those handsome young noble young men who were smart and quick to learn were kidnapped and taken to Babylon. Sure would be a good time to be ugly and stupid, huh? Do you think those that thought they were handsome messed up their hair, exchanged their stylish clothes for not so stylish ones and acted dumb? But then I thought about those boys not picked. They weren’t handsome enough or smart enough. I’ll bet it was the first time in their life they were glad they didn’t have Herculean bodies. But I wondered if, for even the slight second, they kinda felt bad? I’m ugly, not smart, not Godly enough.

Ever feel inadequate? I am often overwhelmed at the task God has set before me I wonder what was He thinking! I sit in meetings with people more Godly, wiser, smarter and wonder how on earth He intends to use me, I’m so inadequate, not as learned in the scriptures, so not Godly.

God called those young handsome smart boys to be His light in Babylon.  He also called those not so smart, not as good looking boys that were left behind. They may have been looked over for one task but they were definitely chosen over for a great task. They had to step up. They had to comfort mothers and fathers who lost sons, sisters and brothers who lost siblings. In a moment, they were thrust front and center. They became the handsome, smart, quick to learn. God used them regardless of what others thought of them or what they thought about themselves.

God can use us, even when we think we’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, or not Godly enough, for whatever task He has ready for us. Because, regardless of what we think, with Him, we are pretty, smart and Godly!

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.   Ephesians 2:10


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