Road Kill

The kids and I piled into car, stopped by the post office and the bank then headed towards the schools.  The kids were chattering away, the music was softly playing in the background, and my mind was going over my list of a million things to do.  I saw a blob on the side of the road.   It was road kill.  Not just any road kill but a small beagle puppy.

I immediately said, “Oh, did you see that poor beagle puppy?”  Not a smart thing to do with kids in the car.  Luckily only one of my kids was paying attention.

She said, “No where?” craning her neck.  “Is it alive?”

God spoke tenderly to my heart, Go back and check.

I responded to her, ignoring God’s voice, “I doubt it.  Its legs looked pretty stiff.”

Go check.

I turn the music up louder and began to hum but when God wants you to do something you can’t block Him out.  My stomach started to knot up.

God decides to really get my attention by speaking through my daughter, “Mom, you’re going to stop and see if it’s alive, aren’t you?”

“Sure,” I said, with no intention of following through.

Go check.

I began my excuses to God.  ‘I’m way too busy, don’t have time to stop for a dead dog.  What would I do with a dead dog?  And if by some miracle it’s not dead, I’ve got scoop it up and put it in my van?  Find a vet?  I don’t have the money.  No, I’m much too busy.  Someone else will stop.’

Go check.

I continued my excuses.  You can’t mean for me to go to the side of the road and see if this puppy is alive?  I know it’s dead, its legs were stiff.  If I drive up to this dog on the side of the road, all of these parents taking their kids to school will think I hit it.  No, I can’t do that, I have an image to uphold.

God knew He wasn’t getting anywhere so He used my daughter, again.  She said, “Even if it is dead it might have a collar, you could call the owners.”

Arg, God had every intention of stopping the bustle of my busy day to make me obey Him by stopping for this dead dog.

I give a heavy, unenthusiastic, almost angered sigh.  Gritting my teeth I put on my nice face and turn to my daughter, and God, and say, “I’ll take a look at the dog.”

Relieved, although not happy, I’ve made my decision to obey Him.  I begin my strategy.  If I pull my van on the wrong side of the road facing the dog, people will know I’m there to help and they won’t think I hit it.  They’ll see me doing something good.

I went further wondering what I could use to scoop it up if it’s not dead?  Will it bleed all over my car?  Will it bight me?  What about cooties, will I get them?

Pretty sad, huh?

I pulled up to the dog and he was dead and had no collar.  I left him sad and ashamed.  My only concern was what would people think?  Would I get my hands dirty and if I did, by gosh, I was going to make sure somebody knew I did I something good.  All glory to me.

That’s not servanthood.  That’s not how Christ wants us to act.  He came down to this earth into the vileness of sin.  He didn’t ask His Heavenly Father, “What will the angels think?  What will Satan think?  Do I have to?  Okay, I’ll come down but I am a King, let me enter the earth with trumpets blaring, a royal robe and a crown so big everyone will see it!”

No, our Savior came to this earth as unfertilized egg, then an embryo, then a baby born in a stinky, smelly stable only to have the sins of the world heaped upon Him and die on a cross. His concern was not for Himself or His inconvenience but for each one of us.

Take the time to put aside your pride and see where God is leading you to serve.  Whether it be helping the poor, working at a shelter, cleaning the church, taking food to a hurting family, making a phone call to a lonely neighbor, sending a card…whatever you do, do it to glorify our Lord.   The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’   Matthew 25:40 NIV


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