Squeaky Wheel

Cheeks is one of our lovely, cuddly, black and white hamsters.  I love Cheeks.  He sits in his cage on a TV tray in my son’s room across from ours.  He eats, sleeps, but his two favorite things to do in this world is to run on his wheel and try to get out of his cage.

I’m all for Cheeks’ obsession with exercise only when the little guy is working his little legs all night and keeping me awake, we have a problem.  So I broke down and bought the little guy a new wheel and put his old squeaky wheel on the floor, under the TV tray.

One morning, after a squeakless sleep, my son gets up to find Cheeks is gone.  Master escape artist.  I look around the room, which is heaven to a rodent, scattered clothes, toys, and books everywhere.  I’m thinking we’ll never find Cheeks, he’s lost in the clutter forever.  All of a sudden, I hear the squeaking of a wheel.

Cheeks had gone to all the trouble of escaping the cage then he either climbed down, fell, or jumped, off the TV tray to land on the floor.  He was free.  He had the whole entire room, the entire house to run in yet he saw his old wheel.  It was comfortable, it was what he knew.  He climbed back on it and began to run.

He was free for a glorious moment then chose to stay in the confines of the wheel.  Not as confined as he was while in the cage but confided nonetheless.

Do you ever feel like Cheeks?  You go into your prayer closet, lay your problems at Jesus’ feet, asking for forgiveness, to forget the past, to change.  You say amen and you feel free-er only to find yourself taking back some of those things as you leave.  Maybe because they are comfortable, maybe they are your default, maybe they are what you know.

Let’s not just get free from the cage, but let’s get off the squeaky wheel.  Let’s forget what is behind us and press on to the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus.


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