He Needs Food

There is nothing cooler when you hear God’s voice so plain it gives you goose bumps.  I got to hear him so plainly last night that I’m still grinning about it!

I left the church about 5:35 last night, stopped to get food and then on to a band meeting at the high school at 6:00 pm.  I stopped at a Dairy Queen that is right by the church so I can eat my food in the car on the way to the meeting.  I had a mocha for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for an early lunch so needless to say, I was hungry.

This particular Dairy Queen does not face the street, it sits sideways along the road, so as I wait for my food, I can’t see the road because the building is blocking it but on the right side there is a strip mall and a huge parking lot.

I sat and waited for my food and watched the parking lot.  Cars were leaving, cars were pulling in and parking, people getting out, nothing unusual.  Then I saw a guy, a younger guy, maybe early twenties, skinny.  Not really sure where he came from because I didn’t see him get out of a car but I watched him walk through the lot.  As I watched him, I heard God speak.  Not a loud audible voice but softly, in my mind, very clearly, He said, “He needs food.”

Now, I’ve heard God speak lots of times.  Sometimes recognizing Him and obeying, sometimes not recognizing Him at all and sometimes, recognizing Him but simply choosing not to obey.  But this time, I was ready to answer the call only I had a problem, I had no food and he was so far across the lot I couldn’t really yell from my car in the line.  As I continued to sit at the window, waiting and waiting and waiting for my food, the guy disappears.

I sit and wait some more, at what felt like hours but really was about another five minutes.  I knew the guy was gone.  No way to find him, no way to feed him and I wondered why God would say, “He needs food,” then have him disappear.  The funny thing about God, He knows how it’s all going to work out.

I finally got my box of food, pulled around the building to the end of the parking lot and there, standing at the corner, is the guy with a sign that simply read, “Need food.”

Whew, I was blown away.  I quickly pulled up next to him, rolled down my window and handed him my box of food.  He thanked me.  As I waited to pull out on the main road, I watched him walk to the outside tables at Dairy Queen, sit down and devour a chicken sandwich and fries.  Had I not already sucked down over half my drink I would’ve given him that, too.

I drove to my meeting with my stomach growling and I wondered how many people we walk by each day who “need food”, maybe not physical food but food in other forms, like a kind word, a hug, help doing something, or just someone to talk to.  Let’s slow down and show Jesus to others through our actions.  Look around and see who needs food!  Listen for his voice!  He’s talking!

If you’ve heard His voice, share below, I’d love to hear how He’s talking to you!!


3 thoughts on “He Needs Food

    • Thanks Jodi! You and the others gals were such an inspiration to me and taught me so much about Jesus!! Thank you for taking me under your wings!! And for teaching me how to make taco pie! I still make it and smile! Gotta have a side dish of oreo’s next to it, ha ha

      • Tace pie is the best! I still make it too — and the fam loves it! Oreos as a side dish? But of course! So glad for fb and being able to reconnect with you! BTW, you’re still 17 and I’m still 29, right? lol Dudley was at the main campus of our church over the summer. Got to hear him preach and visit with him. Just like old times.

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