A Downpour

I began my day with some Beth Moore, James study, Lesson 7. She was talking about James 5:7, how James tells us we must wait for the autumn and spring rains. The lesson was called Between the Rain.  The rain, being when God is so vividly showing Himself, pouring Himself into us, that we can hardly stand.  Have you ever been there? I have and I love it.  I have always disliked the between until today.  Beth explained how a crop would never grow with deep roots if the rain never stopped.  That God was still there during those times, working inside and around us, He just wasn’t as visible, it was our chance to grow.

I’ve been praying to see Him more just wasn’t calling it “rain” but knew I was having a dry time so I was joking around with God after Bible study, telling Him I was finally feeling like he was sprinkling on me and I appreciate that but I wanted a downpour.

I left the church to run some errands and got the phone call.  The one everyone dreads.  The one telling you someone has passed away.  A beloved cousin has died.  39 years old.  Shocking, sad, heavy, but even in death, God orchestrates everything so beautifully.

My brother, his wife and kids took their annual trip to Arizona to see our family.  They were there last week.  My mom and her husband have been visiting my Aunt and Uncle for a few weeks now.  They all went out for dinner with Wayne last night and he passed away sometime after that.

I was trying to soak all this in, talked to my sister, talked to my mom who is still there, praying for my aunt and uncle, trying to finish up errands and think.  I was trying to comprehend the death of someone so young, death in general, the pain of the family and I shake my head and in my way of pushing thoughts aside, I decide I need a mocha.

As I pull into Starbucks, I start thinking about needs food. That stranger God has used to teach me so much.  I was thinking, “God, I need food, I don’t need a sprinkle, I need rain.  I want to see You fully, in everything.”

I order my half caff., skinny, no whip mocha and pull up.  I’m searching frantically for my debit card.  I just had it, I ran errands, I just used it.  Finally, I found it, pull to the window to hand it in to the clerk when she says, “No charge.”

I said, “What?”

She said, “The guy in front of you paid for it.”

I looked at the gal and said, “Wow, what a blessing.”

The truck had already pulled off so I couldn’t thank him or tell him how much it meant that he fed me, that God had just used Him for a downpour.

How can a God that is so huge care so much about me that He’d provide me such a blessing, insignificant to some, but huge to me, food, a downpour.  I needed to see how much He loved me despite what was going on.

He will never cease to amaze me!  Ask Him for rain then expect a downpour!


2 thoughts on “A Downpour

  1. This was a comfort for me to read your blog.. What a blessing. Tell those you love that you love them, you never know when you will be called home….I love you, Mom

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