Laughing Out Loud

Ever really laugh out loud?  I mean, really laugh out loud?!  The other morning I was laughing so hard I almost had tears in my eyes.  I had just dropped Lydia off at the high school and was taking Collins to his school.  I’m still driving on the High School campus and coming towards us is a maroon van.  I looked on top of the van to see a large white bag full of trash.  The man is driving 35 miles an hour with a trash bag on the top of his van.

I wasn’t laughing at him because that is sooooo something I’d do.  Well, actually, I’ve done something similar a few years ago.  When we lived in Jefferson City, I was taking Madison and Keaton to the grade school ½ mile from our house.  I set my coffee cup on top of the van to buckle the kids up in their car seats, I shut the van doors and took off, totally forgetting about my coffee.

I drove 25 mph to the school when the teacher, who was helping get kids out of the cars, hands me my cup and said, “Want a cup of coffee?”

I turned red and laughed, saying, “I wondered where that went.”

But this wasn’t a coffee cup, this was a bag of trash.  He had turned off a road with a speed limit of 45 mph, now cruising at 35 mph and there sat his bag of trash for all to see.  He eventually stopped the van, quickly climbed out, grabbed the bag, threw it into the car and drove off.

After God had given me a good laugh, he decided I should also learn a lesson from it.  All of us have driven around with a bag of trash on our vans.  For however briefly it may be, we have placed our sin out for all to see, even walked around with them in plain sight.  It could be a harsh word, a facial expression, gossip, a joke, indifference.  Sometimes we’re moving so fast we don’t even know people can see it.  But when our trash is seen, we’re embarrassed and how quickly we try to hide it.

The goal is to clean out all the trash and when we’re in glory with Jesus Himself, we will be totally cleansed of it, but until then, we must remember that we all have the potential of setting our trash out for all to see.  So, whether your trash is out and the van is moving or the trash is safely tucked inside, let’s not judge others on their trash but love people and continue to allow Christ to cleanse us all from our sins.



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