Two Black Birds

Outside our kitchen window sits a small faded blue birdhouse.  Two little birds have decided to call it home.  With much anticipation, we watched these two birds gather twigs, straw, strings, and feathers to build their nest.

One day, three black birds perched themselves on a branch overlooking the faded blue birdhouse and watched these two small birds gather their material and build their nest.

No sooner had the two little birds gotten their nest built the black birds swooped in, chased the two birds away then took turns sticking their heads into the entrance of the birdhouse, grabbing pieces of the nest, pulling it out, and throwing it on the ground.  All of the hard work the two little birds had accomplished had been easily destroyed.

For two weeks I watched the little birds rebuild their nest only to have the black birds swoop in and destroy it.  My heart ached for these two little birds.  I decided the two little birds needed my help.  It began with a simple tap, tap, tap on the window to scare the black birds away.

After a few days the black birds figured out that my tapping really didn’t hurt them so they’d ignore me.  The tapping turned into pounding which would chase them to a branch overlooking the birdhouse but as soon as my back was turned they’d swoop back down, reach their head into the hole, grab a beak full of nesting material, and toss it on the ground.

In my pursuit to save these two little bird’s nest I ran out onto the deck, my arms fwalling in the air as I leaped from the second to the last stair, yelling, “Shoo!”

This act of strange behavior, only sent them to a higher branch where they looked down at me thinking, “What a sad, strange little gal.”

By the time I’d gotten inside the house, walked to the kitchen, and looked out the window at my faded blue birdhouse that these two precious little birds had claimed for their own, the black birds were back destroying their nest.

The next day the two little birds had rebuilt their home and little Momma bird sat happily on her nest.  Her little head and beak were peeking out of the hole.  I smiled, but my moment of tranquility was short lived.  The three black birds swooped down, two landed on top of the faded blue birdhouse and one landed on the perch.  Little Momma bird began to squawk as the big black bird stuck his head into the house.  Papa bird quickly flew to her aid, flapped his wings, flying around them, squawking furiously at these invaders who were committed to destroying his home.

My first instinct was to chase the black birds away, again, but I stopped and watched.  Was this part of God’s plan?  I paced the kitchen, fighting every ounce of energy to run screaming at these black birds that terrorized the little Momma and Papa bird.  I wanted so badly to help them but wondered what would happen if I always came to their rescue?   Would they learn the skills to defend themselves if I always stepped in?

The squawking continued and I couldn’t handle it any more, I had to intercede.  I ran to the gun cabinet, grabbed the air rifle and shot in the vicinity of the three black birds, scaring them away.  I thought, if nothing else, I had given Momma and Papa bird a few hours to rest and regroup.

Do you ever feel like these two little birds?  You just get your faith built up and the enemy swoops in and begins to tear it down?  The enemy picks at it, slowly, piece by piece, throwing it effortlessly to the ground.

I can see Jesus in heaven, His hands clasped behind His back as He paces before the throne of God.  He stops and looks at His Father, pleading our case, “Can’t you see they need My help?  The enemies are slowly tearing away their faith?  Let Me go down and help.”

God gently reaches out His mighty hand, resting on Jesus’ shoulder.  “Sometimes, my Son, We must let the enemy attack so that their faith will be strengthened.  They have the Holy Spirit and if they use their armor correctly they will win the fight.”

Jesus hesitantly nods, wanting to come to our defense but knows His Father is right.

Jesus watches us for a few more days then goes before the throne, again, “Father, the enemy is not letting up.  They are fighting with everything they have but it’s not helping.”

God looks down at us then at His son.  He gives Jesus a single nod.

Jesus smiles.  He raises His mighty arms and is instantly surrounded by legions of angels.  “Go,” He commands them and the angels descend downward to our defense, attacking our enemies, scattering them, allowing us rest and a time to regroup so we can be prepared to fight the next battle.

When you feel as if the enemy is slowly destroying you, have faith because Christ Jesus, who died- more than that, who was raised to life-is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.  Romans 8:34 NIV


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