The Beetle

I walked to my car one morning I saw a beetle lying on his back, his poor little legs thrashing around in the air.  He was stuck and trying desperately to turn back over.  Now I’m not a bug person and with kids quickly bolting to the car, telling me to hurry since we were late, I quickly forgot about the beetle, got to the car and did the mom taxi thing then off to work. 

 The kids came home from school, I came home from work, walked out of the car, my arms filled with stuff, saw the beetle still struggling, his little legs still thrashing in the air, trying desperately to get turned over.

 I’m thinking, “I should help the beetle,” but after going inside, and kids start talking to me, it’s time to think about dinner, I once again, forget about the beetle.

 The weekend came and life got busier, stuff got moved around, forgot about beetle and then Monday came.  I was actually ready earlier then the kids and headed to the car and there was the beetle, still on his back, his little legs still thrashing around in the air trying desperately to get off his back.  This time, I gave him a little kick with my shoe.  He flopped on the right way up and crawled off.

 I passed that poor little beetle for four days, my kids passed that beetle for four days, my husband passed the beetle for four days.  None of us took the time to help him.

 I wonder how many people we pass that are like that little beetle and need someone to stop long enough to help.  Maybe we just need to ask, how are you, are you okay, or can I pray with you?  Or maybe you are that beetle and just need someone to give you that little bit of encouragement or help to get on our way

I’m reminded of the words of God in Isaiah when he heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Will you say that with me?  Will you say to God, “Here am I, send me?”  

 Let’s take the time out of our busy lives to see the people God puts in our path and then take the time to help them. 


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