Ordinary Days

Life is made up of ordinary days.  When there is no one to pat you on the back.  When there is no one to praise you.  When there is no one to honor you.  When there is no one to see how brave and noble you are. 

Almost all of life is made up of ordinary days.  And it’s how you live your ordinary days that determines whether or not you have big moments.

Get out there and make something of your ordinary days.

(Ann Kiemel Anderson  “I’m Out To Change My World”)

 Life is made up of ordinary days.  Days where we don’t see the huge miracles of the sick being healed or the dead raised.  Days where we may not feel Christ.  But Jesus Christ is next to us every minute of every day.  His Spirit dwells in us.  He wants us to believe Him to be big and for us to ask Him to show Himself.  I don’t know about you, but I want to see my Lord.

I define miracles as not just the dead being raised, the feeding of five thousand or the blind to see.  I believe God performs miracles everyday.  Small and large.

One day, while driving home with praise music full blast, my car bit the dust.  I told Him I wanted a miracle.  I wanted to see Him.  He obliged.  He usually does.  It was a jump and down moment and I danced before the Lord.  I was telling a woman about one of my joyful God moments once and she said, “Oh, that’s just luck.”  I smiled and said, “I prefer to give God the credit.”

Then there are days when I’m tormented by a migraine.  I want to crawl in bed, smother my head in a pillow to drown out all the noise and sleep.  I pray to Him.  I cry out to Him.  I want another miracle.  I want healed.  I want my headache gone.  But He decides that this ordinary day I would trust His reasoning even if I didn’t understand it.  Even if I was in bodily pain, He wanted me to trust in Him.  My belief didn’t waver even though my joy diminished.  I questioned, I begged, He stayed silent.  He does that sometimes.  I don’t even begin to understand why, I just believe.

As we go through our ordinary days watch for Him.  He is there waiting for us to give Him the credit.  And when you see Him work in your daily lives, whether a huge miracle or a small miracle, dance before Him.  I don’t think we can begin to understand how wonderful that makes Him feel.  He loves us.  He delights in us.  Shouldn’t we just delight in Him!?!


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