God Just Cracks Me Up

God just cracks me up.  One thing I can assure you about God is if you are a follower of Him and He wants you to do something, He will go to any length to make it happen.

I’m spending this week at camp with 5th and 6th graders.  It’s a blast but every time I do anything like this my old fear of arises.  My fear of mail time.

I can attribute this to my two times of camp as a child.  After accepting Christ when I was fifteen, I went to camp one year as a camper then the following year as a sponsor.  As a sponsor, I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and he was also at the camp as a sponsor and at mail time they had this stupid song called Around the Table sung to the old folk song My Fair Lady.  It went like this, around the table you must go, you must go, you must go, around the table you must go THEN they called out to names.  Then those two poor sorry souls must hold hands and skip around the cafeteria.  I also have a fear of getting in front of people and don’t you know those cute little innocent campers called me and my ex-boyfriend’s name.  Last thing in the world I wanted to do was skip happily around a table holding my ex-boyfriends hand in front of a hundred and fifty campers.  Ugh.  But I did it and viola, a long time hate of mail time.

As I was loading the van on Sunday to leave for church camp a mom gives me a stack of mail for her son.  I grab the pile, stash it in my backpack and off to camp we go.  Later that day I sat and went through the mail.  Now at this camp, any sponsor who gets mail must go onstage and sing a song.  Double ugh.  Okay, fear of mail time, fear of getting in front of people and really, I can’t sing.  Last year I sang I’m a Little Tea Pot.  Kids cheered.  They love to see sponsors act like fools.  J  It’s all part of the camp experience.

While going through the mail I see a letter for me.  Oh, how sweet, really, that wasn’t sarcasm.  It was so sweet of her but I knew immediately that was not going into the mail drop.  I was going to try my best to stay off the stage.  I’m co-deaning next week of camp, I’ll be up there plenty of times.  So I stash my letter, drop the one letter for the young man in the mailbox and go about the day.  Sunday, no mail call.  Monday, I drop the two Monday letters for the young man in the mailbox.  Don’t you know at mail call, they say any camper with 3 letters must sing or dance and if they are too scared, they can call their sponsor up to do it for them.  Triple ugh.  I wanted to run and hide but God wanted me on stage looking goofy.

The young man immediately calls me up, my kids are chanting I’m smiling but inside I’m frantically thinking of a song.  I really should come prepared but I must admit, I really block mail time out of my head.  In a panic, I decide on the chicken dance, the crowds sings, the young man and I dance.

God wanted me on stage and even though I tried to derail it He got me there anyway.  I’m of course laughing at Him and me.  I knew I should’ve honored this mother by dropping that letter to me in the box but I didn’t want to get on stage.  God said, I’ve got another way to get you up there.  He just makes me laugh.

Listen to God’s voice, whether He’s asking you to do something big or small, just do it because He has ways of making it happen.


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