A Glimpse

Every once in a while the Lord is so gracious and allows us a glimpse into what we are doing on this earth to further his kingdom.  With so many ministers and Godly people around me I have really got a good circle of friends that I can call on, not just in our brotherhood but in other area churches.  The only problem with being surrounded with such an amazing cloud of witnesses you see ministries that are smaller then yours and you see ministries that are larger then yours.  Inevitably, you have to start fighting the fleshly nature of jealousy, envy and feeling of maybe I’m not doing it good enough.

As I conversed last week with others in the ministry I started to wonder if I was making a difference in these young peoples lives.  I prayed a prayer I always pray.  A simple prayer, really.  I ask God, am I showing Jesus to others and is it making a difference.

One night a few days ago, He gave me a glimpse into what He’s doing.  One of the kids that went to camp with us is not a Christian.  We are at youth group time at the end of the day and I always ask the kids three questions, What was your favorite part of the day?  What was your favorite part of the Scriptures you heard about?   And what did you learn from the Scriptures that you didn’t know before?  I like those because it gives you that glimpse into what the kids are thinking and how God is working in their lives.

After discussing those, I asked them if the Spirit was telling them if there was anything in their lives they need to change, is there anything that they were willing to commit to working on.  We got great answers, read Bible more, memorize more scripture, pray more and then one girl, our only gal that comes from a non-believing home, said, “I feel like maybe God wants me to be follow Him and be baptized.”

The cool thing about this is when the speaker was ending his talk, he said some of you need to make a decision to follow Him.  Then he starts picking random names and he called out her name.  She said when he said it, he was looking directly at her.

Boy, do I know that feeling.  The day Saturday night before I accepted Christ I was totally wasted.  I was approached by a Christian friend who came to our parties to preach to us and he asked me to go to church.  I said yes to get him out of my face and not ruin my buzz.  He showed up Sunday morning and after much arguing I angrily went to church.  It felt like the room cleared out and the preacher was only talking to me.  He laid out the plan of salvation and I accepted Christ that day.

So, I talked with her about wanting to follow Jesus, I prayed with her then told her we could talk to her parents.  Then the friend who brought her to church that first time months ago looked at me and said, “You’ve really changed her life.”

“What?” I asked, very confused.

She said again, “You really changed her life.  From that first time I brought her to church and then at the lock-in, the way you are with her, the way you talk to her, you’ve really helped her.”

Wow, I was truly humbled.  In ministry, we try so hard to show Jesus, to help people to be more like Him but often times as they walk out the church doors we don’t really get to see if we’ve done any good.  That night, God gave me a glimpse into my ministry for Him and He said, “You’ve done good.”  It was nothing profound that I said to her, I was just trying to show Jesus.

We are always influencing people.  Sometimes we are deliberate but most of the time we aren’t even aware of it.  It could be teaching a class, talking one on one or standing in a line at Wal-mart, be assured, people are watching you.  You may not know how you are impacting them but if our goal is to imitate Christ then they will see Him.  And when you feel like you’re doing nothing for the kingdom, He will graciously give you a glimpse.


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