Who Are You Following?

Saturday we spent a wonderful day having lunch with family, seeing friend’s new houses from the Joplin tornado, a wedding, Gma and Gpa, and ice cream with some other friends.

On our way out of town, we decided to stop by the cemetery.  It was close to dusk.  We drove around to where my hubby’s father and brother are buried because we had not seen the tombstone of his brother.  As we get out of the car there were 3 young deer standing close.  We freeze, staring at them.  They were not spooked at all, they just stared while they put some distance between us.

We got our cameras out because it was just an amazing site to see these three young deer in the midst of thousands of graves.

As we walked closer to Randy and Wayne’s gravesite the deer watched us cautiously then out of no where, running full speed, came another young deer.  He ran though the group of three and before any of us knew it, the four were running full speed away from us.

It was cool to see the four and watch them as they ran gracefully, leaping over tombstones, flowers and flags.  It was beautiful for a moment and then they disappeared into a wooded area.  We walked closer to my father-in-law and my brother-in-law’s grave when we heard a loud pow.

I looked at my daughter and said, “Gun shot, one of the deer’s is down.”  It was more likely a firework since it’s so close to the fourth of July but we couldn’t help but wonder.  We heard another pow and then another pow.  We said, “Deer two, deer three.”

The three deer were safe in our presence but because the fourth deer wasn’t sure, he spooked the other three and though he thought he was helping them, they may have followed him to their death.

It makes me ask a simple question; Who am I following?  Who are you following?  Are your friends, or the tv shows or the movies or the books you’re reading leading you down the road of death or are they leading you closer to Christ?

Sometimes, the greatest friends mean well.  Obviously, the fourth deer didn’t plan to run into a hunter having his three fellow deer follow but that’s were they all ended up.

Let’s be cautious with who we are following.  Whether twitter, facebook, movies, tv, books or physical people, make sure they are in love with Jesus and leading you closer to Him.



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