Crazy Hair

At VBS yesterday it was crazy hair day. Yesterday I painted mine orange and blue. I had a blast at VBS with the kids and then needed to run to the mall to get some supplies for my lesson on Thursday and take my son to a youth lunch.

I walked through the mall and found people staring. I tried to ignore it. Then a gal from one of those makeup places at a kiosk approaches me and says, “You look like someone who’d like this,” then hands me a brochure where the lady has blue eye shadow that goes into her hairline and up almost on her forehead. She’s wearing mesh sleeves. Hmm, must be the hair that makes her think I’d want make-up like that.

I head into the store, bought my stuff and felt the need to explain why my hair was like this. “Ah,” the clerk said, finally smiling at me, “That’s so nice you’d do that for the kids.”

I walked back to through the mall towards the food court and a gal yells, “I like the hair.” I turned and said, “Thanks,” although I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or being sarcastic. I ordered my food, ate with my son and his friend then headed out the door.

I needed to get my new, used, car inspected and knew once I got home I wouldn’t want to get back out because exhaustion was setting in. I decided to go with the crazy hair. I pulled into the garage and the mechanic who has done many inspections for us looks oddly at me and asks, “What can I do for you?”

I said, “I need an inspection.” Those sitting around stared at me then went back to their magazines. After the guy failed my inspection due to a crack in my windshield wiper I wondered if he was being legit or if he was discriminating against me because of my crazy hair. He must’ve sensed my disbelief because after another guy rang me up and I was getting ready to leave, the guy came back to explain that it was a legitimate reason to fail the car.

I nodded, smiled and left. I got to thinking about all those people who deliberately do crazy stuff to themselves, color their hair bright colors, pierce themselves all over, wear the odd clothes, tats everywhere, and wondered how they walk around everyday with such negative feelings surrounding them. Do the feed on the negative attention because they so desperately need any attention?

Then I thought about how we judge them, how I’ve judged them. I still remember my encounter with the boy with previously gaged ears (in a previous blog) and how Christ taught me to not judge him because of it. Christ ate with sinners, he surrounded himself with sinners. He loved everybody regardless of their past or their present.

It was odd walking around and being treated differently because I was different. Let’s commit to love people no matter what. Love them like Jesus would, you may be the only Jesus they ever meet.


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