Crazy for Jesus

I love my job! I love working with kids. My church kids know that they can be totally honest in my classes. I preach honesty. I feel if they are not totally honest then I don’t know what I need to teach them or what sins they need to work on. When I say have you ever lied, they will tell me the last lie they told and why.

At the end of class each week, I give them a challenge. I give them something that I want them to try and do the next week for Jesus and then I ask them about it the following Sunday. Last week I challenged them to do something crazy for Jesus. To do something so out of their comfort zone, without being asked, showing Jesus and then watch what Jesus does.

When I asked today if anyone had taken on the challenge I had a few hands, one 5th grader did 3 loads of laundry for her mom without being asked. She even said her mom asked if she was crazy. I told her she should’ve told her mom, “Crazy for Jesus.”  I got other kids that did stuff like cleaned their rooms without asking, carried over dishes without being told, other amazing things like that.

I have one boy who never ceases to amaze me. He loves Jesus very much and works hard to know Him but is never ashamed to share with us his failures. I asked the question to the class again, “Did anyone else do anything crazy for Jesus?”

He raised his hand and said, “I have to you the truth, I was pretty self-centered last week.”

I told him, “I love your honesty.” I even went on to tell him I was a tad bit self-centered last week, too. I was on vacation. I spent a couple days in Arkansas with my bro-in-law who had open heart surgery. We went to Branson, saw a show and shopped. But I had days where I sat on my computer and wrote, napped, watched movies, a bit self-centered.

We talked for a while about why we get self-centered sometimes and what we could do this next week to change and do something crazy Jesus. We agreed to watch for the opportunities Jesus makes for us and to listen to His voice when He is telling us to do something for others.

How about you? Would you be willing to admit that you were too self-centered to say hello to a stranger, to take a cart back to a cart return for someone at the store, to pick something up that someone dropped, to pray with someone, to call someone, send a card, to volunteer at your church? There are so many things we can do to show Jesus to others.

I challenge you, do something crazy for Jesus this week and then watch how He will bless you!


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