I Will Never Forget

On September 11, 2001, I was at home watching the morning news when pictures of the already hit North Tower came on. I was in shock as I witnessed another plane slam into the South Tower. Like so many others, I was glued to the TV when the Pentagon was hit and when American Airlines Flight 93 went down.

I found out my cousin’s cousin was on Flight 93. Tom Burnett called his wife Deena and she told him about the towers and the pentagon. He knew they had to stop the plane from heading back to the Capital or the White House. Those brave men and women on Flight 93 gave their lives to save others.

I remember staring at the TV, praying for the victim’s families and for any survivors. I remember crying out to God asking the question, why. Not why would He allow it to happen or why He didn’t stop it but my question was why would anyone be filled with so much hate that they would set out to kill so many people?

He spoke clearly. Not in an audible voice but a quiet voice that pressed upon my heart.  He said, “Jesus died for them, too.” I remember crying as it really soaked in. It didn’t matter that the terrorists did unbelievable, unthinkable crimes, killing so many people, Jesus died for them, too. It was at that moment I got a glimpse into just how much He really loves us.

September 11, 2001. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness. I will never forget feeling scared and vulnerable. I will never forget mourning for so many complete strangers.  I will never forget the overwhelming sadness of so many lives lost. I will never forget the ash that fell and covered everything and everyone. I will never forget those on Flight 93.  I will never forget the firemen, policemen and others who ran into the buildings, selflessly giving their lives for complete strangers. I will never forget watching people from all over the country work together to help. I will never forget what hate can do. I will never forget that God can heal. I will never forget how much He loves us and I will never forget that He loved them, too.


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