Refuse To Do Nothing!

I’m at the WC12 and have much to write but I found this last night in my computer from a women’s conference a few years ago…enjoy!

I love to spend time by myself. I get my laptop out and write, getting lost in my own thoughts.  So when my mother had to leave the conference early Saturday morning, I was sad but knew I’d enjoy the time between Saturday’s session, typing away.

The morning session ended. The crowd disperses and in our row sits me and one other woman sitting two seats away. I get my laptop out and as it boots up I am getting more and more excited to write. I click on the icon to open my writing program and the woman starts talking to me. I take a deep breath, I smile, I’m polite, but deep down I’m annoyed. This is my time, God! She eventually stopped talking. I turned my head and buried it in my own little world typing away.

Worship was amazing. Joyce Meyer came out to preach. She was awesome, as always but then she hung a “do not disturb” sign around her neck. It was as though the room cleared out and she was talking directly to me. God giving me a good slap on my hand and boy did it sting. I had clearly hung that sign around my neck during the break. I wonder, now, what God had planned?  A chance for me to minister to someone? A chance to make a friend. A chance to share Christ?

It really hit home. Like Joyce said, it’s not always about me. In this case, I believe it was about this other woman and I was too busy being “not disturbed”.  I was unable to apologize to this woman because it’s hard to find one gal in the midst of 11,000 women but I will never forget God’s voice through Joyce’s preaching. She hit it home.

“I WILL take up compassion and surrender my excuses. I WILL stand against injustice and commit to live out simple acts of God’s love. I WILL refuse to do nothing. This is my resolve. I AM THE LOVE REVOLUTION.”.


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