I Got a Golden Ticket

I had put off buying a ticket to a women’s conference that a friend and I were planning on going to because I thought it was still iffy on whether she could come.

When she said it was a definite go I called the venue to buy my ticket. I was shocked to find out that the conference was completely sold out. I’m really bummed because this was supposed to be a birthday present for my bestest friend. I chance to come to my house, spend a couple nights with me and go to an amazing women’s conference so we could spend some time together worshiping God and reconnecting.

I had gotten back from another women’s conference so I’m trying to keep a very positive attitude. I was praying in the car, reminding God that I had given away two tickets to the other conference. I had blessed two people so I asked God if I could have half of that blessing back and get a ticket today. I knew he was going to work it out but I also knew that, normally, God doesn’t just let it fall in your lap. I needed to do some work myself so I started texting all my friends that went to this church to see if any of them had extra tickets. I put a plea on Facebook and Twitter. I was so excited, praying and believing God I’d get a ticket.

I called the venue and they put me on a waiting list. They called me back a few hours later to tell me that they were going to open a second venue on property so I could buy a ticket. The only problem was my friend was in the auditorium and I’d be in a different part of the church. I bought the ticket still believing God would get me in that main auditorium.

My friend and I decided I’d hang out in line with her until the doors opened then she’d go into her area and I’d leave to go into mine. While standing in line for the first session, a friend calls me and asked if I’d had gotten a ticket into the main auditorium. I said no but told her it would all work out. Little did I know it would work out through her. She found me, traded me tickets and I got to be with my bestest friend.

What a blessing it was but I couldn’t help but feel bad for my other friend who was now in another venue away from her friends. God has a cool way of working everything together for good. Before the session even started, the church moved everyone from the second venue into the auditorium. They brought in chairs and we all fit. God it so good!! He’s just waiting to bless us!! Watch for His blessings and then give Him the glory.


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