I wrote this one in 2004, I LOVE the reminder!!

My four-year-old son would live on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups if I’d let him.  Often times I buy an extra package of them and hide it in the refrigerator so I am able to surprise him.

This particular morning I needed him to get up and get ready quickly because we had to be somewhere.  I bent down on my knees and said, “Collins, I’ve got a surprise for you but you can’t have it until you are completely ready to go.”

His eyes widened and his face lit up then a smile spread from ear to ear.  “Okay, Mommy.”

He got dressed, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth then stood proudly before me with a grin on his face.  “I’m all ready!” he proclaimed.

“You sure are,” I said proudly, smiling.  He even had his shoes on the right feet.

He began to jump up and down, the anticipation of the surprise was overwhelming.  “What is my surprise?” he shouted, “Is it a dollar?”

“No, better.”

“Is it gum?”

“No, better.”

He’s now dancing in excitement.  “Is it a new toy?”

“No,” I giggled, “it’s better.”

“Better?” his eyes widened and I knew he’d explode in excitement if I didn’t hurry so I opened the fridge and stuck my hand into the secret stash and pulled out a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

He squealed in pure delight.  “A Reese’s?  Yes, oh baby, oh baby,” he said dancing in the room then reached for the candy bar.

“Isn’t that better then a toy, a dollar or gum?” I exclaimed.

He ripped the wrapper open and shoved a peanut butter cup into his mouth, “Yes, but it’s not better then God or Jesus.”

“That’s true,” I said, in utter amazement at his strong love for our Lord.

I can picture God sitting on His mighty thrown, a greater blessing or two hidden away while He waits for that opportune moment to offer them to us.  Then, one day, He reaches His mighty hand out, grasps the blessing, bends down and offers us something so much better. He says, “Here my beloved, isn’t this better than anything you’ve asked or imagined?”

Do you simply agree with Him or do you squeal in utter delight and shout, “Ah, yes it is better then what I asked or imagined but it isn’t better then You!”

Oswald Chambers says, “The full flood of my life is not in bodily health, not in external happenings, not in seeing God’s work succeed, but in the perfect understanding of God, and in the communion with Him that Jesus Himself had.”

Look for the Reese’s but remember, pure joy is when you simply bask in Him!


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