New Year’s Resolution

As the New Year approaches many of you are starting your list of New Year resolutions.  Instead of resolutions, I prefer to spend some time thinking about the path God has me on, where He wants me to go and how am I getting there.  I ask myself, if over the last year, I got closer to His plan for my life and if not, what are some goals I can set this next year to see it happen.

As I drove to an appointment the other morning I was stuck in traffic.  We were at an on and off dead stop for over 30 minutes.  I began to think about the past year and the upcoming one and if I was getting closer to His plan for my life.

I watched cars pull onto the shoulder hoping to catch a glimpse of what was holding us up.  Other cars wouldn’t wait.  They cut across the center median or went through the ditch to take a different route.

I wonder which really takes longer, to sit it out or take a different route.  I mean, we could be seconds away from the lanes opening up.  When I’m ready to throw in the towel and attempt to go a different way we start to move, if ever so slightly.  All I needed was that little encouragement to reaffirm that we will be unstuck soon.

God’s path is so similar.  We are on the road towards His plan for our lives but there are times He makes us wait and we feel like we do when we’re stuck in traffic. We can’t see what’s blocking us or why we are stopped.  I often wonder what taking an alternate path does?  Do we miss the blessing?  Does it take longer? Were we seconds away from our breakthrough?

I find that when discouragement is overwhelming and I’m ready to go another route, God gives me a glimpse of His glory, some encouragement that keeps me on the road with my eyes on Him.  We never now how close that breakthrough is.

This year, lets stay the course.  Stay on the path God has set before you and don’t let anything veer you off.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and do whatever it takes to be closer to Him!

Have a blessed New Year!


Keep the Air in Your Tires

I drove down the highway with my Christian Music blaring.  I was on my way to a Women’s conference and was basking in the fact that I was on my own for two days.  No husband, no kids, no responsibilities except for experiencing God.

I was following behind a semi tracker trailer when all of a sudden, one of the semi’s tires blew.  Rubber flew through the air.  I cautiously dodged the bits and pieces of tire as I slowed down, waiting for the driver of the semi to pull over.  To my surprise, he kept driving.

I contemplated my next move.  Should I hang back or try to pass.  I wasn’t sure how one flat tire among seventeen others would affect the way the semi drove.  I decided to pass.  As I drove by, I glanced at the flattened tire.  The rim glistened in the sunlight, the remaining rubber flapped furiously against the pavement but the other seventeen tires kept the semi moving somewhat smoothly on the road.

The semi followed behind me for the next twenty miles then I had to exit.  I watched him continue on down the road and was immediately reminded of my spiritual walk.

So many days, I start out with all eighteen tires full of air and rolling smoothly.  Then one tire blows.  It may be that I get busy.  Too busy to pray or too busy to study my Bible.  Too busy to worship God or too busy to memorize scripture.  Too busy to serve the needy or too busy to love the unlovely.  My other Christlike attributes may keep me rolling along, my flat tire almost unnoticeable to others but all the while, my spiritual life suffers.

When one tire is depleted you can continue down the road but it does throw the entire trailer off balance.  When one part of our spiritual life falls to the wayside, our entire life suffers.  Will you join me in striving to keep the air in all our tires?

Santa May Need Food

There is a corner that I pass almost every day and it’s a prime spot for panhandlers. Their signs often read homeless, need food, need money, and will work for food.  I’ve helped some when I feel the Spirit nudging, never giving money but I have given food.

My concern has always been whether or not they are really in need. I’ve watched some of them “change shifts”.  They walk a block down to the local grocery store, climb into a car nicer then mine, another person climbs out with the sign and takes his post on the corner.  I’ve also seen one holding the sign while playing on his iPhone.

This morning the in need guy is standing in a Santa outfit.  Not a dirty, I found this in the dumpster, Santa outfit, but a new or very clean Santa outfit. White beard, white hair, black boots, back belt, red coat, red pants, red hat and black gloves. I wondered where he get it and what money did he use? Was Santa truly hungry?

As I began questioning how this man got a Santa outfit I thought of Satan. He loves imitations. To obscure the truth in a way we become so calloused we don’t help anyone. I’m not saying this man was without need, I don’t know, but he did make me think of the needy. I wonder if some of them are overlooked because of the impostors out there.

So how do you know who to help?  There are many great organizations to give to. I also know that if you’re in tune with the Holy Spirit, He can guide you. When I see someone struggling and my heart begins to pound and the Spirit tells me to do something, I do it.

In this holiday season we will come across many impostors that Satan has set before us to callous our hearts to the true needy but lets not let him.  Instead, lets get out there and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Santa may just need food.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of min, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40