Keep the Air in Your Tires

I drove down the highway with my Christian Music blaring.  I was on my way to a Women’s conference and was basking in the fact that I was on my own for two days.  No husband, no kids, no responsibilities except for experiencing God.

I was following behind a semi tracker trailer when all of a sudden, one of the semi’s tires blew.  Rubber flew through the air.  I cautiously dodged the bits and pieces of tire as I slowed down, waiting for the driver of the semi to pull over.  To my surprise, he kept driving.

I contemplated my next move.  Should I hang back or try to pass.  I wasn’t sure how one flat tire among seventeen others would affect the way the semi drove.  I decided to pass.  As I drove by, I glanced at the flattened tire.  The rim glistened in the sunlight, the remaining rubber flapped furiously against the pavement but the other seventeen tires kept the semi moving somewhat smoothly on the road.

The semi followed behind me for the next twenty miles then I had to exit.  I watched him continue on down the road and was immediately reminded of my spiritual walk.

So many days, I start out with all eighteen tires full of air and rolling smoothly.  Then one tire blows.  It may be that I get busy.  Too busy to pray or too busy to study my Bible.  Too busy to worship God or too busy to memorize scripture.  Too busy to serve the needy or too busy to love the unlovely.  My other Christlike attributes may keep me rolling along, my flat tire almost unnoticeable to others but all the while, my spiritual life suffers.

When one tire is depleted you can continue down the road but it does throw the entire trailer off balance.  When one part of our spiritual life falls to the wayside, our entire life suffers.  Will you join me in striving to keep the air in all our tires?


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