Who Do You Listen To?

I am a football fan and I must admit it was pretty cool to watch my son play.  When he was nine, actually nine years ago, I wrote this:

The High School football coach was the umpire and the dad’s volunteered for the chain gang, which meant he moved the chains for the yardage, which gave him a front row, center seat to watch the game.

My son made some good yards and some good tackles.  He played the entire game on both offense and defense.  He and two other kids, the two coaches kids, were the only ones never rotated out.  They won, 12-0.  They scored a total of five touchdowns but because of penalties the other three didn’t count.

Later that night we were talking about the game.  My son had had a blast even though he said he was disappointed because he didn’t score.  He did some great fakes and blocks so his teammates could score.  I said to him, “Instead of running down the middle of the field, maybe you should run around the defenders and run down the sideline then you wouldn’t get tackled as much and could maybe score.”

My son said, “Mom, don’t do this.  The coach said I’m a big kid with power.  I’m supposed to run right through the defenders.”  He went on to say, “Like Priest Holmes on the Chiefs, he sometimes breaks through and makes the big plays but every yard counts and the coach says that five or six yards a play is just as important as a break away.”

Who was I to give advice?  I am just a mother and a fan.  My son knew he was supposed to listen to his coach.

Through my son’s simple statement God spoke wonders to my heart.

He said, “Dana, who do you listen to?  The fans or the Coach?  Yes, others may love you dearly but they are fallible.  Listen to Me.  Read My word.  Follow My instructions.”

Then He went on to say, “Some of us are destined for the break away plays but it’s the steady five or six yards we gain daily that will, in the end, win us the game.”


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