Takes a Two-by-Four

Last Saturday the ladies were having a wellness day at the church.  I’m ashamed to say, exercise and a healthy lunch was not top priority on my to do list.  I waffled all week on whether or not to go.  I wanted to support the ladies and I love to fellowship, but I will admit, exercise in a group doesn’t appeal to me. I’d much rather slip down to the basement in my house, sit on my stationary bike in front of the TV, and ride away.

From the blog last week, you can tell that has not been happening lately.  Last Saturday I wrote my blog, sitting in my sweats, trying to decide to go or not.  My flesh said stay at home.  Do you really want to exercise? It’s your day off, relax. You can ride your bike later, all the while I’m writing about a child telling me my stomach is fat and I might have a baby in it.

After a few minutes of arguing in my head, it hit me and I began to laugh. The Spirit was telling me to get off my behind, go exercise and eat a good meal.  Something needed to kick start my routine to lose weight and get healthy.  It was placed right in front of me, only my flesh was trying very hard to resist.  God was giving me the perfect opportunity to fix what I was writing about.

I posted my blog, went to the church and exercised with the ladies. It was hard work but great fun.  I was sore for days, using muscles I don’t use on my bike.

It’s always amazes me how quickly we can squash the Spirit when we don’t want to hear what He’s telling us to do.  Let’s make a point to listen to the Spirit and when He shows a something so clearly, don’t ignore Him, just do it.


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